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Day 5, Canadian Music Fest: Featuring: The Leather-Wrapped Rap of ‘Leathers’ and a Cheery Trio of Cheerios at Rancho Relaxo

Leathers: Brought the style to Day 5 So, if you’re satisfied that you’ve understood my mind-boggling blog post title we shall, with twisted tongues, advance to the review of my final night at the 2010 Canadian Music Fest. And it was a good night; though I guess I’m running the risk of boring you all … Continue reading

Day 4, Canadian Music Fest: Featuring: The rage of the thunder gods, Monkey Junk’s dirty-ass blues, Maylee Todd’s infectious exuberance and the coolest damn drummer I have ever seen

After sloshing our way through the merciless storm that was raging around Toronto on Friday, it was a case of ‘more of the same’ Saturday night. Much, much more of the same. Let me tell you, someone must have pissed the thunder gods off something chronic because they showed no pity for us poor, sodden … Continue reading

Day 3, Canadian Music Fest: Featuring: Nice weather… for ducks, Charlie Winston becoming a duck, Bedouin Soundclash beckoning in summer and a Hot Hot nostalgia trip

I’ve had little to complain about weather-wise during my first ever Canadian winter. In fact, local Torontonians widely agree that it’s been the best winter for weather they’ve had since, like, forever. Lovely and mild. And all the while I’ve been wryly chuckling at the immense dumpings of snow the folks back home in England have … Continue reading

Day 2, Canadian Music Fest: Featuring: The absence of any queueing fiascos, Play-time with ‘Toys are Just’, and Party-time with ‘Green Go’ & ‘Delhi 2 Dublin’

Well, this is more like it. Now I know why we spent 60 bucks of our not very hard earned cash… to actually see some goddam live music! It was a truly excellent evening, kicked off in super-geeky style by Carlo Meriano of ‘Toys Are Just’ at Rancho Relaxo. In fact, his performance might be a tough … Continue reading

Day 1, Canadian Music Fest: Starring: The twattish staff of Lee’s Palace, the very good Nightbox, the beautiful Barettas & the folky folks from Family of the Year

Phew! What a rollercoaster night of drama the Canadian Music Fest served up for us on day one. It was certainly never meant to be this way. Setting out at 8pm my girlfriend and I had high hopes for a charming opening night spent at Lee’s Palace, enjoying the upbeat pop of local artists Zeus … Continue reading

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