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Suck It And See – Arctic Monkeys (Domino)

3/10     2/10     3/10 This is a shame. Honestly it is… a real damn shame. Ok… I don’t think we need any lengthy introductions here do we? We all know who Arctic Monkeys are I’m sure. However, the question I’m now asking myself, after traipsing laboriously through to the end of their 4th album, is … Continue reading

W H O K I L L – tUnE – YaRdS (4AD)

8.5/10 When approaching tUnE-YaRdS’ second album W H O K I L L to review, I was immediately overcome with a pressing sense of excitement for the task ahead. It was only after I’d reached hurriedly for my laptop, slammed the ON button, and double-clicked Word – irritably correcting the font settings, for who the hell uses … Continue reading

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