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Tracks Of The Year 2011

I have enjoyed a great many tracks this year, so please be assured that these top 30 are not merely songs I have liked (in a gay Facebook way), but absolutely LOVE. 30. Thunder Bay – Hudson Mohawke  Who rules the Wonky roost? Who is the Aqua-crunk king? Err, I’m not sure… but however you … Continue reading

10 Great White Stripes Songs

Well, they’re gone, they’re kaput, they are no more, but oh the memories, oh the music. I hope you don’t mind but I’m going to spend the rest of this post drooling like a bull terrier over these AWESOME tracks. Astro What is astro? A drug? A dance? A trainer? Maybe it’s the slang term … Continue reading

Albums of the Year 2010

15. Come Down With Me – Errors Having first stumbled upon Errors pounding out their breezy brand of wordless electro-grooves at a London festival some two or three years ago, it wasn’t until the release of this, their second full-length, that repressed memories of clammy tents, bubbleless cider, and crooked dance shapes were unearthed from … Continue reading

Best Tracks of 2010

25. Empire Ants – Gorillaz Feat. Little Dragon Easily the best tracks on the new Gorillaz collaboration album were the two featuring Little Dragon. This one floats in gracefully, before soaring high beyond the clouds on a sonic wave of synths, presumably to the empire of the ants. Or the set of Starship Troopers. One of the … Continue reading

Top 10 Horror Films

10/ Re-Animator (1985) Is it just me or were they having more of a laugh making horror films in the 80s? It seems like such a golden age for grisly, messy, witty, silly and absolutely bloody genius gorefests. And with Re-Animator Stuart Gordon prescribes a deliriously high dosage of all the above… then pours an … Continue reading

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