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I’m With You – Red Hot Chili Peppers (Warner Bros.)

4/10 Well, how about it folks? Red Hot Chili Peppers, a band once famous for going on stage and wrapping socks around their nobs, are still gamely bashing out rock numbers in the 4th, yes 4th, decade of their existence. You’ve got to admire their stamina, if nothing else. I know this will come as … Continue reading

True Loves – Hooray For Earth (Dovecote Records)

7/10 Hopping onto the back of the electro-pop bandwagon that the likes of Metronomy, MGMT and Yeasayer have been busy boy-racing around the music scene in the past few years, Hooray For Earth nevertheless bring some freshly pimped synths to this psychedelic shindig. But it would be an injustice to dismiss them simply as exploitative … Continue reading

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