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‘Angles’ – The Strokes (RCA)

7.5/10 “Putting your patience to the test” is the first line to come yelping from Julian Casablancas’ e-mailed in lips on The Strokes’ 4th album. And ‘You can say that again’ might well be the first retort on the lips of many irritated fans, who have now been waiting for the undeniable greatness of ‘Is … Continue reading

‘What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?’ – The Vaccines (Columbia Records)

4.5/10 Well, since you asked, this actually. After the two songs I heard late last year, when the media hype-volcano erupted, I expected exactly this. An aaaaaaallllllll-right album. Nothing more. Nothing special. But the hype-volcano, like any real volcano, has the potential to be devastatingly ruinous when it erupts. So to see The Vaccines debut generally greeted … Continue reading

‘Different Gear, Still Speeding’ – Beady Eye (Beady Eye Records)

2/10 What happens when you take a band like Oasis, and you yank away their central creative stimulus, the one guy responsible for their explosion to fame all those years ago? The answer to this pointless question that no-one asked is, it seems, Beady Eye. For those of you who have remained miraculously, and quite … Continue reading

‘Mosaik’ – Siriusmo (Monkeytown Records)

8/10 Mosaik opens to rapturous applause. Hmm, I think. Bold move. Then comes some sort of electronic hiccup followed by a second round of applause, less boisterous than the first. This pattern of chirruping synths and audience retort continues for another 20 seconds or so, until the crowd grow impatient with all this fannying about … Continue reading

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