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‘Zooper Dooper’ EP – Jim Noir

7/10 With a music portfolio that boasts such diverse commercial successes as appearances in Adidas adverts, episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Ginsters pasty campaigns, one would expect Jim Noir’s output to be shockingly mainstream and irritatingly over-played. Yet no-one’s heard of him. Ok, so that’s a lie. Cool people like you and me have heard … Continue reading

‘The King Is Dead’ – The Decemberists (Capitol Records)

8/10 The Decemberists’ 2003 album ‘Your Majesty’ had been sitting forlorn and unplayed in my itunes for some time – a result of gleaning all my mate’s music on to my computer… which mate, remains a mystery – and when I finally got round to listening to it, I wasn’t exactly bowing down to its … Continue reading

‘Zeroes QC’ – Suuns (Secretly Canadian)

6/10 Still feeling all hopeful and optimistic about the New Year, and those resolutions that you’re totally, 100%, going to stick to? Well, wipe that naive little smile off your face, because the Suuns are out, and they’re casting a great gloomy shadow over the start to 2011. Don’t let their sunshiny name fool you, … Continue reading

Albums of the Year 2010

15. Come Down With Me – Errors Having first stumbled upon Errors pounding out their breezy brand of wordless electro-grooves at a London festival some two or three years ago, it wasn’t until the release of this, their second full-length, that repressed memories of clammy tents, bubbleless cider, and crooked dance shapes were unearthed from … Continue reading

Gig Review: Canola Wonders

Highlight of the night at Joseph’s Well on Sunday November 14th were undoubtedly blues-rock trio, Canola Wonders. Their pulsating opening set, with its stampede of barnstorming riffs and supreme technical musicianship, dominated the fervent chatter of the audience for many hours to come. And little wonder. It was a scintillating performance, laying down a benchmark, … Continue reading

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