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Top 10 Horror Films

10/ Re-Animator (1985) Is it just me or were they having more of a laugh making horror films in the 80s? It seems like such a golden age for grisly, messy, witty, silly and absolutely bloody genius gorefests. And with Re-Animator Stuart Gordon prescribes a deliriously high dosage of all the above… then pours an … Continue reading

Sara cocking Westbrook – Christmas comes (way too) early in Toronto (14/11/09)

Sometimes I really feel like I’m out of touch with this Western world we live in. Having left the Simon “anti-christ in a v-neck” Cowell devoted nation of England in my wake and come to Canada I thought at least I could get some respite from that kind of mass, celebrity-devil worship on this side … Continue reading

England Up Front: An early consideration of our striking options for the World Cup

The debate of who should be the four strikers included in England’s World Cup Squad next summer is bound to wage long and hard all season. As England prepare for their friendly match with Brazil this weekend I thought I would assess the chances of the numerous hopeful candidates: WAYNE ROONEY A stone-waller. Of course. … Continue reading

Paul C – Phil Allister – Amnesiac Jack: An Assorted Line-Up at the Rancho Relaxo, 28/10/09

Anyone could be forgiven for not noticing Latino bar and restaurant Rancho Relaxo on College Street in Toronto, with its unassuming exterior tucked discreetly into the terraced surroundings. And forgive ourselves we had to because, despite actively looking for it, we still managed to stroll right past it. But the prospects of a night of … Continue reading

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