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Canadian Music Fest 2010

Day 5, Canadian Music Fest: Featuring: The Leather-Wrapped Rap of ‘Leathers’ and a Cheery Trio of Cheerios at Rancho Relaxo

Leathers: Brought the style to Day 5

So, if you’re satisfied that you’ve understood my mind-boggling blog post title we shall, with twisted tongues, advance to the review of my final night at the 2010 Canadian Music Fest. And it was a good night; though I guess I’m running the risk of boring you all to tears by saying this for the 5th day on the trot. But what can I say, it WAS a good one. If you really desire me to be hyper-critical I would be very happy to continue my long-running tirade against the staff of Lee’s Palace but, you know what, that was on Wednesday. Since then I have easily got my 60 dollars worth, and more. Besides, it’s pointless trying to entertain even one bitter thought when the hilarious show put on by Leathers on Sunday is so present in my mind.

Always time for a quicky head massage mid-set

It was early on the last night of the festival and my girlfriend and I thought we’d pop for some hip-hop at Sneaky Dees. Not usually my bag, but we had no immediate plans and thought we’d try something different. A rap act called Prolific was on when we arrived, aggressively firing lyrics out over the gathered audience, and in the process reminding me exactly why rap ain’t usually my bag. But by the time we left Sneaky’s an hour later this writer had developed a whole new bag; made of shiny, polished, leather. Oh yeah, that’s right. I am, of course, referring to the quite brilliant time I had watching the Leathers duo rapping off at each other, with their full-on comic histrionics leaving the audience in stitches. No doubt about it, they were accomplished comedic performers and it seemed clear, to me anyway, that these songs were written with their onstage act very much in mind. Their every witty quip was accompanied by all manner of extravagant strutting and melodramatic flails of their leather-clad limbs, as if they were determined to not go down as just another rap act that are all attitude and no originality. We never did work out whether it was all just a cunning ruse by a pair of sneaky leather manufacturers, who had mastered the art of rap-masked advertising. By the way, did I mention my brand new leather jacket…?

Oh! Almost forgot… we happened to bump into Toys are Just’s Carlo Meriano while we were there. You remember him right? The expert toy manipulator from Day 2? He’s a very cool guy as it happens and, upon reading my blog, he was understandably rather pleased his efforts had gone down well.  


The Locusts Have No King

So it was on to Rancho to wrap the festival up, where we met a few friends and proceeded to get nicely tipsy. The Locusts Have No King helped settle us in with a sprightly set of acoustic folk that was splintered right across with quick flurries of roots-driven rocking. Plus, they might just have nabbed the best name of the festival award. But I guess that can’t have been too hard in a festival made up of such howlers as ‘Bastard Child Death Cult’, ‘PS I Love You’ and ‘Baptized in Blood’.

The Body Electric

Next, keeping the animal theme going, were Papier Tigre from France. I liked their furious guitar blasts because their songs seemed to show a band not content to play by the numbers. They unceasingly toyed around with the structure and timing of their tracks so that, when performed live anyway, it gave real power to their raucous kick-ins. Their drummer, in particular, was the driving force and kept my drunken glare hooked on his bombastic drum crashes throughout.

By the time the last act came on I was drunk enough to dance to anything. Luckily that anything was local Torontonians The Body Electric, who brought the festival to a fitting finale with their brisk and purposeful pop sensibilities. I am grateful to them for preventing me from looking foolish, because I could well have been dancing to any old rubbish.

And so, sadly, the festival is over. After the nightmare start at Lee’s Palace on Wednesday I have had 5 days with much to rave positively about. $60 for a wristband really is excellent value. Thank you and good night!


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