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Nine Types Of Light – TV On The Radio (Interscope)

6/10 We have an awkward relationship, TV on the Radio and I. Sometimes, in fact nearly all of the time, I feel we’re made for each other. Other times, we drift apart. Oh yes, we’ve had a rollercoaster 5 years alright. It was an ecstatic, explosive relationship at first. Sparks flew as I discovered the … Continue reading

Street Halo EP – Burial (Hyperdub)

9/10 You know, it’s actually quite tough reviewing Burial without reeling out the same predictable string of superlatives that have been doled out to him before. This is because what William Bevan achieves with each frustratingly delayed new Burial release, is to impeccably construct the exact same intricate environment, through the same sumptuous melding of … Continue reading

20 Odd Years – Buck 65 (WEA)

7/10 Good evening. It’s hip-hop o clock and here are the headlines: It just so happens that for 20 odd years Canadian-born DJ and rapper Buck 65 has been “selling his psyche”. And, if you’ve been into alternative hip-hop at all during this time then you’ll have loved this… “most likely”. That’s right, it’s party-time north of … Continue reading

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