About Blogjammin’

Hello fellow Blogjammers and welcome!

So, you have chosen to embark on a blogjammin’ exploration with me, your host, James Louis Williams. I am a quarter Welsh, a quarter Polish and 100% English. I grew up in Shrewsbury, went to university in Leeds and after a year as an editor in Toronto, am now based in London. Together we shall journey through the densest blogging jungles, splash through the wildest blogging seas and scale the highest god-blogging mountains in the textual universe. Oh yes.

            But as you navigate your way through the weird and wonderful world of words presented before you (there won’t often be such scandalous over-alliteration as this) I do hope there will be some meaningful experiences to be had. Some productive discussion to engage our minds. And, of course, some poignant puns at which to snigger… crap, there I go again with the alliteration.



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