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‘Mosaik’ – Siriusmo (Monkeytown Records)


Mosaik opens to rapturous applause. Hmm, I think. Bold move. Then comes some sort of electronic hiccup followed by a second round of applause, less boisterous than the first. This pattern of chirruping synths and audience retort continues for another 20 seconds or so, until the crowd grow impatient with all this fannying about and vent their frustrations with a raucous din of boos. Then, finally, Siriusmo gives in and sends us hurtling into his techno trampelling opener High Together.

Whether it was intended this way or not, that first half a minute works well as a microcosm of my fluctuating feelings towards Siriusmo’s first full-length LP. Most of the time I’m roundly applauding, but there is certainly the odd moment where I’ll resort to loud heckling, simply to block the nastiness from getting near to my ears. If you don’t believe me, just you try listening to the track ‘Peeved’ without being horrified by the perverted verbal nonsense being spat at you.

My initial instincts on encountering Mosaik were to compare this mad, funky mash-up of electronic genres to Flying Lotus’s Cosmogramma. Certainly both show an eager, uncontainable glee in cramming in as many ideas and innovations as can possibly fit into one album but, whilst Flying Lotus’s unrestrictive invention saw his tracks constantly mutating as they ventured off into jazzy, saxy territory, Moritz Friedrich (aka Siriusmo) has opted to bounce his sounds around much stricter electronic parameters.

Not that this is limiting. We get dubstep tracks sitting alongside euphoric club bangers, fuzzy electro-funk next to Metronomy-esque dance-pop. The genres are not meticulously merged into one another like Lotus, but rather reside side by side, one track at a time, akin to Gold Panda’s Lucky Shiner. This doesn’t make for the most cohesive listen, but if you’re a fan of electronic music you’re bound to find many moments to set your pulse racing and your grins gurning. ‘Bad Idea’, for example, is pure brutish dubstep, with eerie electronic vocals identical to the techno hip-hop of Subtle slapped on top. ‘Feromonikon’ is direct from Simian Mobile Disco’s songbook, with its ear-piercing electro screeches and sirens, ‘Red Knob’ mirrors the groping techno of Converted Vegetarians-era Infected Mushroom, and ‘123’ sounds remarkably like the ominous music that accompanies Bowser’s castle levels at the end of every Mario world.

All in all, a real jumble-sale of an album. Any and every electronic delight is on the table, you just need to know which track to go to for the particular fix you’re after. Taken as a whole, it’s a bit all over the place, almost like an itunes playlist of dance music on shuffle, and if that doesn’t spell out a good time to you, well, you should steer well clear. Me, I’m loving it.

Ch-Check it out if you’re partial to – any electronic genre at all; any of the following: Skream, Daft Punk, Metronomy, Infected Mushroom, Flying Lotus, Soulwax, Cut Copy, Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Simian Mobile Disco, Chemical Brothers, Gold Panda, Crazy Penis, Digitalism, Mylo; itunes playlists stuck on shuffle; albums with a sense of humour; a good old dance; jumble sales.

Fantastic Track – Einmal in der Woche schreien



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