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‘Elephants At The Door’ – Dumbo Gets Mad (Bad Panda Records)


Ok, scrap everything I said in praise of Deerhoof Vs Evil last week. I seem to recall spouting balls about ‘Super Duper Rescue Heads!’ being an early contender for song of the year, or some such shite. Well forget all that. My attention (as flippant and erratic as its measly span may be) has flipped drastically to Dumbo Gets Mad and their zany, fo-60s psychedelic debut ‘Elephants At The Door’.

I love this album so much I can’t even remember what I was listening to before it crash-landed in my itunes yesterday… a crash-landing, incidentally, that dented my perceptions but not my wallet. That’s right, it’s free! Just clickity-click on the link below.

Sorry Deerhoof, I DO still love your album, but a mere week after you’ve conquered evil, new contenders for your weirdo crown have emerged, and Dumbo Gets Mad – some random Italian bloke with his missus on vocals – may just have out weirded the weirdos. They do it armed with all number of manic atrocities, and from Alvin and the Chipmunks getting trampled on by elephants to buoyant bubble-generating interludes, this delectable treat of an album is one long sugar rush of glitzy effects, trashy synths, and, err, marmalade kids. Trust me, I’m not exaggerating. It’s that dizzying.

Lead single ‘Plumy Tale’ has been the entry point into this mania for much of the blogosphere in the past few months, and as entry-points go it’s about as accessible as Dumbo Gets Mad get. Just a marvellously upbeat song, with its rapturous brass and velvety harmonies, it’s like The Beach Boys got a working over by Galactic. The Smith Westerns have won acclaim recently using such childlike harmonies as these, but are rarely as captivating.

There will be Grizzly Bear comparisons I’m sure, but I also detect Midnite Vultures-era Beck in the spatterings of electronic trickery. However, even Beck will struggle to champion a song as stupendously bizarre as ‘Sleeping Over’, when we unwittingly enter electro-chipmunk territory.

There are, of course, more highlights than I have space to highlight them. I compare the experience to being a kid let loose in a cheap, tacky fairground that’s just come to town. There are so many shiny attractions, so many showy thrills, ah, just so much goddamn FUN on offer, it’s hard to know which of it to run towards first. Oh well, at least all the rides are free and I can indulge in them whenever I want. That’s the main thing.

Ch-Check It Out If You’re Partial To – 60s psychedelia, Grizzly Bear, Beck’s Midnite Vultures, vocal harmonies, random interludes of harmonica that shouldn’t work but just do, The Beach Boys gone electro, albums where anything goes, being happy

Fantastic Track – Eclectic Prawn

Download for FREE – http://badpandarecords.wordpress.com/2011/01/28/dumbo-gets-mad-lp-on-bad-panda/



2 thoughts on “‘Elephants At The Door’ – Dumbo Gets Mad (Bad Panda Records)

  1. i love it

    Posted by facebook | February 17, 2011, 10:40 am


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