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‘Zooper Dooper’ EP – Jim Noir


With a music portfolio that boasts such diverse commercial successes as appearances in Adidas adverts, episodes of Grey’s Anatomy and Ginsters pasty campaigns, one would expect Jim Noir’s output to be shockingly mainstream and irritatingly over-played. Yet no-one’s heard of him.

Ok, so that’s a lie. Cool people like you and me have heard of him. And, if you’re reading this and getting into a hissy fit because you’ve not heard of him and you’re aching with a need to be niche and cool, don’t worry. It’s not too late. Jim has recently released, just for you, a quick, six song soundbyte called Zooper Dooper, succinctly summing up pretty much everything he’s been all about the past 5 years.

Just to clear any confusion, this is not a best of. These six tracks are all fresh as a daisy… a daisy that’s about to be snatched out of the ground and woven into one of those retro, sixties daisy-chain bandanas. Ever since his debut in 2005, ‘Tower of Love’, Manchester’s Jim Noir has been leisurely trotting out these happy, hippy ditties, seemingly about every and any innocuous subject that springs to mind at the time of recording. And the results are wonderful.

‘Map’ keeps the trend going – it’s “some general advice about sailing”, Jim says –  as does the serene melodies of ‘Car’, which tells the tale of an easygoing dude who unwittingly finds himself in a suburban feud when his neighbours let down his tyres and steal his windscreen wipers. There are, however, some quaint electronic flourishes now. The instrumental ‘Kitty Cat’ sounds like Mr Scruff decided to put a soundtrack to a playful kitten pawing at a rolling ball of yarn, and ‘Do You Like Games’ sounds like the stoned strumming of Velvet Underground spliced with the leftover embryos from Flaming Lips last album.

It’s all a bit silly but undeniably infectious.

Ch-check it out if you’re partial to – anything 60s and psychedelic, Mr Scruff, Flaming Lips, the childish wonder of a magic mushroom trip, songs about ludicrously frivolous subjects in the vogue of White Album Beatles and Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, the simple things in life.

Fantastic Track – Kitty Cat



One thought on “‘Zooper Dooper’ EP – Jim Noir

  1. your good

    Posted by kathy | February 19, 2011, 6:26 pm

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