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The Title Race: Weekend Preview! (13/3/10)

Chelsea vs West Ham            

I predicted 3-0 Chelsea in this one and I stick by that as the game approaches kick-off. Might be being a tad harsh on West Ham, who grabbed a deserved point the last time they met and have improved in the last month after a really difficult season. Ultimately I think Zola is doing a pretty good job but it’s a big ask for them today.

Hull City vs Arsenal

I predicted 1-1 here, with Hull scrapping for their lives and getting in the Gunners’ faces. Missing their so often instrumental captain Fabregas means Arsenal need to turn elsewhere for inspiration today but if they nick the lead early on it could prove a long afternoon for Hull City and Phil Brown.

Man Utd vs Fulham

I predicted 2-1 to United back on 6th March for Fulham’s trip to Old Trafford. Could be a good time for United to play Hodgson’s team, who are coming off the back of the biggest game of their history away to Juventus last Thursday. They were soundly beaten too. Hopefully, for me anyway, United administer similar such treatment Sunday afternoon!



One thought on “The Title Race: Weekend Preview! (13/3/10)

  1. Every facts are saying Manchester United to win this for sure. The only concern here is whether Man United able to overcome the -1 3/4 head start. According to MU’s rampant form and outstanding performance from Rooney, I am confident Fergie’s team to thrash Fulham which are fear of visiting.

    Posted by Football Tips by Wayne | March 14, 2010, 2:14 pm

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