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Title Race Predictions: Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd (6/3/10)

So who will be holding the illustrious trophy aloft come May? This year more than any other, with all three teams looking scintillatingly brilliant one week and excruciatingly bland the next, any plucky predictions have a habit of coming back and not just biting you in the ass, but actually ripping great, big, cheeky chunks out of it. But what the hell… I think I’ll do it anyway. The following predictions I made on the morning of the 6/3/10. Stay tuned as the real results come in and I pull-apart my predictions, by marvelling at just how clinically precise there were or bemusedly scratching my head when they prove so woefully off-target that they actually endangered the corner-flag.      

ARSENAL                Played 28; GD 35; Pts 58  (As of 6/3/2010)      

Will Fabregas's Arsenal have some actual silverware to hug this season?


6/3       Burnley (h)                5-1                   

13/3     Hull (a)                       1-1      

20/3     West Ham (h)             3-0      

27/3     Birmingham (a)          1-2      

3/4       Wolves (h)                 2-0      

10/3     Tottenham (a)            3-1      

18/3     Wigan (a)                   2-0      

24/3     Man City (h)               3-3      

1/5       Blackburn (a)             2-1      

9/5       Fulham (h)                 2-1      

W 7; D2; L1; 22 points      

FINAL POINT TOTAL:        80      

Goal Difference:               49      

CHELSEA                 Played 28; GD 39; Pts 61 (As of 6/3/2010)      

Frank's Chelsea will be hoping to clap their hands on the trophy for the first time in 4 years

13/3     West Ham (h)              3-0      

21/3     Blackburn (a)               2-0      

24/3     Portsmouth (a)            2-1      

27/3     Aston Villa (h)              1-1      

3/4       Man Utd (a)                 1-2      

12/4     Bolton (h)                    2-1      

17/4     Tottenham (a)             1-0      

25/4     Stoke (h)                     3-1      

1/5       Liverpool (a)                2-2      

9/5       Wigan (h)                    4-1       

W 7 D2 L1: 22 points      

FINAL POINT TOTAL:        83      

Goal Difference:               51      

MANCHESTER UNITED              Played 28; GD 42; Pts 60  (As of 6/3/2010)

United are in with a shout for a record 4th successive Premier League crown


6/3       Wolves (a)                   1-0                         

14/3     Fulham (h)                    2-1      

21/3     Liverpool (h)                 2-0      

27/3     Bolton (a)                     1-1      

3/4       Chelsea (h)                  2-1      

11/4     Blackburn (a)                3-1      

17/4     Man City (a)                  2-2      

25/4     Tottenham (h)              3-2      

1/5       Sunderland (a)             2-0      

9/5       Stoke (h)                       3-1      

W 8; D 2; L 0      

FINAL POINT TOTAL:        86      

Goal Difference:               54      

Final Standings      (As my projected scorelines leave it)

                                                Played             GD                  Pts      

Man Utd                                  38                    54                    86             

Chelsea                                   38                    51                    83      

Arsenal                                    38                    49                    80

And so, as you see, my individual match predictions culminate in yet more glory for Manchester United, with much hinging on that almighty clash with Chelsea at Old Trafford on 3rd April. Only time will tell if my crystal ball has served me well or whether I need to take it back to that crazy gypsy lady I bought it off that night I walked home drunk through the flea market.


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