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“Squeaky Bum Time” in the Premier League Title Race

With 10 games to go in the 2010 Premier League title race every game, every point, every dodgy penalty and scandalously offside goal, every Rooney rampage, Drogba dive and Fabregas knife-through-butter ball, every Fergie rant about a ref, Ancelotti shoulder shrug and Wenger whine about the hoofing of his players’ shins could prove so, so decisive. As Sir Alex Ferguson once rather inexplicably coined it; it’s “squeaky bum time” alright. There are but 3 horses still in the running and, as Arsenal, Chelsea and Man Utd scramble frantically up the home-straight, we’re sure to be in for a nerve-jangling photo-finish.

          It’s been a topsy-turvy gallop to the line so far. Only a month ago, following Arsenal’s apparently crushing defeats to title rivals Man Utd and Chelsea in consecutive matches, players and pundits alike were unanimously deeming the title charge down to just two. But some wobbly showings from Chelsea and United since then have generously invited Arsene Wenger’s men back into the contest and, once again, it’s all to play for. Coming into this weekend a mere 3 points separated the teams. Whatever happens between now and May this blog is the place to be for up-to-the-minute analysis and critique, engaging insight and off-the-wall predictions. But I’d come armed with some ear-plugs if I were you; the squeaking of those squirming bums is sure to be incessant!



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